August 28, 2012
CSCMP Twin Cities Roundtable Board Contact List
Name, Title (Company) E-mail
Eric Sieve, President (Dedicated Logistics)
Kimberly Caron, Co-VP of Programs (Peerless Plastics)
Wes Arentson,Co-VP of Programs (SPS Commerce)
Alex Robertson, Seminar Chair (King Solutions)
Matt Smith, Co-Treasurer (CH Robinson)
Mark Sauber, Co-Treasurer
Megan Wachowiak, Secretary (Andersen Windows)
Neil Manns, Marketing Chair (Murphy)
Jim, Perrone, Young Professionals Chair (Target)
Ashley Ritteman, Programs Chair (Valor Victoria)
Kerri Peterson, Hospitality Chair (3M)
Robb Kaiser, Co-Membership Chair  (Landstar)
Chad Schuirmann, Co-Membership Chair (BNSF)
Bryan Rabakon, Co-Education Chair (RateLinx)
Nathan Augst, Co-Golf Chair (Associated)
Chris Garcia, Co-Golf Chair (Lee & Associates)
Scott Theriault, Co-Golf Chair (PremPack)
Brad Emch, Local RT Advisor & Past President (SAV)
Meg Duncan, Local RT Advisor & Past President (Koch)


Global CSCMP Contact List
Title Name Phone Email
Annual Conference Heather Wood +1 630.645.3454
Career Center Member Services +1 630574.0985
Corporate Membership Leah Benshoof +1 630.645.3455
CFO Tony Poidomani +1 630.645.3471
Marketing Amy Thomasson +1 630.645.3480
Membership Krissy Scordato +1 630.645.3464
Roundtables Denise Rivers +1 630.645.3466
SCPRO Certification Julie Bodenstab +1 630.645.3483
President and CEO Rick Blasgen +1 630.645.3458
Vice President Chris Adderton +1 630.645.3484
Senior Manager, Roundtable Programs Morgan Zenner +1 630.645.3465
Director Business Development Burt Blanchard +1 630.645.3488
Director Edu Prgm and Marketing Communications Nichole Mumford +1 630.645.3476
Systems Customer Support Specialist Will Dunne +1 630.645.3460 


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