CSCMP - Twin CIties Roundtable

About the twin cities roundtable

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals is a group of individuals interested in becoming more grounded and connected within their industry.
What makes us the premier supply chain and logistics association in the Twin Cities?

CSCMP Membership is for those professionals who are interested in advancing their career while becoming more grounded and connected within their industry. Consisting of a diverse group of members from the transportation, logistics, warehousing and supply chain management arenas, ours is one of the largest, most active and progressive roundtables in the entire nation! For nearly fifteen years, we have focused our efforts on providing networking, educational and professional development opportunities to our members, student members and guests. Through monthly events and an annual seminar, companies and individuals have the opportunity to meet and network with like minded professionals while learning more about the logistics and supply chain industry!

Our Board Members

The team behind the scenes for planning, and running our events and seminar!

Eric Sieve

Roundtable President

Kimberly Caron

VP, Programs

Wes Arentson

VP, Programs

Alex Robertson

Seminar Chair

Matt Smith


Mark Sauber


Megan Wachowiak


Neil Manns

Marketing Chair

Jim Perrone

Young Professionals Chair

Jim Perrone

Young Professsionals Chair

Zach Kelly

Hospitality Chair

Robb Kaiser

Co-Membership Chair

Chad Schuirman

Co-Membership Chair

Jason Hall

Co-Education Chair

Bryan Rabakon

Co-Education Chair

Nathan Augst

Co-Golf Chair

Chris Garcia

Co-Golf Chair

Scott Theriault

Co-Golf Chair

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